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A couple of months ago, a friend of mine was approached by a London-based advertising agency soon to produce a series of online adverts for a well known storage company.

Their concept was to create an advert with an underlying message if “it’s good to have thing” – as, in today’s society, it seems people want less clutter in their lives.

So, with two other collectors already signed up (one who collected radios and one who collected taxidermy) the agency decided that they wanted a slot car collector to add to the ranks, as it’s something that many people in the UK could relate to – so, who better than Colin Hughes of the All Saints Scalextric Club in Windsor?

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Colin Hughes doesn’t think of himself as a mere slot car collector. “I’m just Slot Colin,” he casually confesses. Slot Colin works in IT and is the image of a suburban husband and dad. He also happens to own over 1,200 slot cars. “I collect everything from classic rally to modern GT, LeMans, prototypes… anything that’s got four wheels that looks good.” When asked how it all began, Colin says “I’m a petrol head. I started collecting cars about 6 months after getting into racing. The cars were being damaged and I liked them when they were pristine so I started buying one to race and one to go on the shelf. The first car I bought was a Scalextric limited edition Corvette L88. I slowly started collecting more of the Corvettes. And then I started collecting Dodge Vipers… and the collection sort of snowballed from there.” []

Nice to see the hobby gaining such well-presented publicity – I’d imagine that, if you’ve ever been tempted to relive your childhood and get yourself that slot set you always wanted, seeing this ad might be just the thing to get you back into the hobby!

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