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12th November 2015 Comments (0) Views: 701 News

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The fate of Racer Emmegi, the company behind the Racer, Silver Line, and Sideways slot car brands, had been hanging in the balance during recent months – but today, it has finally been confirmed – yes, it has changed hands.

In 2001, Marco Montrasio and Fabrizio Mella amazed the public with the launch of their limited edition Momo-liveried Ferrari 333 – the combination of fully detailed hand-crafted resin body and high-performance plastic chassis with components was unprecedented and, for the next few years, Racer resin models found themselves gradually becoming much-coveted objects of desire in the world of slot car collecting.

Unfortunately, that growth was not sustainable – during the global crisis, Racer Emmegi slowed production of resin models and created two new brands, Silver Line (a range of more affordable resin models), and Sideways, well-known for their plastic-bodied Gr.5 Racers of the ’70s and ’80s.

The success of the Sideways brand and its commercial ties with French company SP Collectable did give Racer Emmegi more room to breath until, this September, the inevitable happened. Marco and Fabrizio were left with no choice but to sell their entire business to SP Collectable.

…so, is it all doom and gloom?

This news has many slot racers and collectors fearing that production of these three lines will come to an end, but it appears Marco and Fabrizio want to continue creating models – what remains to be seen is whether that will be under the current Racer / Silver Line brands and their new owners. Our sources are confident that the Sideways brand, which many customers don’t realise has already been part of SP Collectables for some time now, will continue as planned – stronger than ever, with many new liveries of current models and exciting all-new releases planned well into next year.

“It is sad news. Marco is a great guy and a through and through slotcar master craftsman. It is just the Racer and Silverline ranges that this effects, as Sideways has been in the Hands of SP Collectable of France for some time now. If they do indeed take over the other two ranges we would be only too happy to continue to distribute them in the UK.
It is regretful that this has happened but I think the worldwide downturn in slotcar sales which is effecting every supplier at the moment obviously hit Racer harder than most due to their top end pricing.
A sad day and we all wish Marco well for the future.” [Terry Smith, UK Distributor]

We look forward to hearing the first official statements from CP Collectables in the next few days and, as Racer themselves said on Facebook… don’t panic – the story continues!”

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