MENU Audi R8C anglewinder conversion - Audi R8C anglewinder conversion > report

2014 NSR GT3 Club Series Deutschland Final

2014 NSR GT3 Club Series Deutschland Final > report

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NSR Porsche 997 GT3 ‘Sk8r Edition’ > update

Back in October, I mentioned that I was probably going to do a little more work to fill out the rear quarters… so, over the Christmas break, I got busy on PhotoShop and asked Colin Hughes of C&C Designs to get busy on his printer. The result:

NSR Porsche 997 GT3 ‘Sk8r Edition’

I’m much happier with the look of things now I’ve added the new side-stripes and extra ‘sponsor’ logos to the rear arches. I turned down a set of Scalextric rims (also from a GT3 Porsche) to use as wheel inserts – they look the part for these photos, but aren’t ‘box-standard’ legal for racing. To complete the look, the rear window and front valance now feature my own NTARS  logo; Never Touch a Running System being a reference to a habit I’m determined to break – I thoroughly enjoy maintaining and tinkering with my racers between meetings, but I do have to stop unnecessarily fiddling and tweaking settings shortly before a race!

So – body all prepared for the 2015 season which starts in a couple of weeks. Next, my favourite part – a Christmas delivery with lots of shiny new bits needs to be run in and pieced together for the new season… time to get busy on the chassis and running gear and make sure this thing goes as good as it looks.

Thanks again, Colin!

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